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Wind Screens

Enjoy incredibly effective hurricane protection and the convenience of an electronically controlled or manually operated rolling wind screen system. These retractable screens can be installed or adjusted on any structure and they’re the strongest, most reliable, and most durable.Protecting you, your family and your home even when you are not there, this highly innovative and advanced design to deliver maximum protection and comfort. Additionally, Wind Screens from Atlantic Breeze Storm Shutters & Awnings can cover large openings while the cutting-edge mesh structure filters in light, allowing you to see out. Our Wind Screens shade, shield and protect beautifully


Tested & Certified

Atlantic Breeze Storm Shutters & Awnings only carries wind screens that are rigorously tested and certified with the highest standards. Our wind screens can withstand up to 200 mph winds. Protecting your home or business is what we do best. That’s why our wind screens at Atlantic Breeze Storm Shutters & Awnings are tested with the highest standards.

Florida’s (Miami-Dade) TAS standards:

  • TAS 201 Large Missile Impact
  • TAS 202 Uniform Static Air Pressure
  • TAS 203 Cyclic Wind Pressure Loading

As well as the International Building Code ASTM standards:

  • ASTM E1886-05 Cyclic Pressure Differential
  • ASTM E1996-05 Large Missle Impact
  • ASTM E330-02 Uniform Static Air Pressure


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  • Features quick and easy installation
  • Always in place, ready for use
  • Withstands hurricane force winds and impact from flying debris
  • Blocks 97 percent of all wind and driving rain, protecting the envelope of your home
  • Operates from inside or outside the home
  • Deploys manually or electronically with optional remote control
  • Provides privacy and keeps the lanais clean of rain, dust and debris
  • Reduces sun glare
  • Increases the resale value of your home