Hurricane Panel Emerald Isle

*Florida Building Commission (FBC) approved
*Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) approved
*Miami-Dade HVHZ Building Code approved

Hurricane Protection Panels

  • 85% light transmission
  • Doesn’t give a “boarded-up” appearance
  • Will not shatter or rust
  • No sharp edges
  • Easy stacking for storage
  • Variety of panel widths in 6″, 12″, & 24″


Hurricane protection panels are excellent for commercial and residential applications where panels are designed to be left in place during the entire storm and hurricane season. Seasonal or pre-storm deployment is typically done by one person using simple wing-nut fasteners. Schedule a consultation today!

The Hurricane-Panel System is the simplest, most cost-effective way to protect a home, but also the most labor intensive. The panel system comes in two versions: the aluminum panel or the GE grade Lexan. The Lexan is completely transparent; allowing light inside and vision outside. There are no sharp edges and typically ½ the weight of aluminum panels. The panels, whether aluminum or Lexan, will not shatter, rust, or corrode.