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The stylish, hurricane-rated Accordion Shutters offered at Atlantic Breeze Storm Shutters are Florida Building Commission (FBC) approved, Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) approved and Miami-Dade HVHZ Building Code approved. They provide peace-of-mind, add value, protect and accent your home beautifully.

Benefits of Accordion Shutters in Swansboro NC


  • Stack to the side of openings, maximizing your views when not in use
  • Easy deployment allows your Accordion Shutter to provide daily privacy and sun shading
  • Dead-bolt locking system can be operated from either the interior or exterior of the opening
  • Sun, storm and high velocity wind protection with a classic look
  • Intruder and theft deterrent when closed with the deadbolt-style locking system
  • Multiple colors to choose from matching your home or business natural trim color

Swansboro homes and businesses may be affected by severe weather on occasion. Accordion shutters can provide protection for these houses and storefronts. Swansboro natives and those purchasing a residence or business in the area are wise to consider accordion shutters as an option for hurricane protection.